Premetto che non sono un esperto informatico,
quindi perdonatemi eventuali imprecisioni




int21 catalog is now available at BANDCAMP, with renewed artwork. Immediate download of all albums in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.


BSODs is a collection of b-sides and rare tracks from int21, released by lml records to celebrate the 1337 days since the end of the band.


this week issue of KERRANG has a funny concert review. it says...

"what's it all about, anyway? int21 music are just crap, but hey, what a fucking bizarre performance [...] R0B sings like a dying chicken, and some printers end up wasted"


european extreme magazine Terrorizer celebrates Int21 new album console:/ with a detailed article about our weirdness and unusual forms of making music.

this issue also brings a sample CD featuring an exclusive Int21 song, called 'Samba Samba Caipirinha Caipirinha'


we are proud to announce that 8 bits of devil especial floopy edition is SOLD OUT

it was available only for Brazil, but you still can find in eBay


the band has just finished the Kroatian Tour. thankfully, we had no significant accidents during the first experiments with radioactivety...

Int21 is now ready for the new stuff


Int21 was featured in Side-Line Mag, conclamed as best nonsense act

CF4 is also pointed as new tribe messiah, father of the black-future music

in an interview he explain the music oroborizator and talk about Int21 followers


hails to our new member R0B, one who fits perfectly Int21's avantgarde spirit

R0B's still runaway from some mexican drug-dealers, so our next live pubs are life-risk


A Obscura Arte elected our debut (Suicide eq Nothing) as best record for january

as an unusual music act, we were glad to be featured in such extreme publication.

thanks to MT7's past as a murderer and blasphemous firestarter...


opus servo directus aeternitatis