0 typedef struct INT21_STRUCT
unsigned R0B : 0;
unsigned UN4 : 4;
unsigned C4F : 4;
unsigned NA6 : 6;
unsigned MY7 : 7;
} INT21;
ourProject = (INT21*)malloc(21);


founder member of int21, he lives in a perpetual dream.
using meditative technology he invoked the Oroborizator, used to turn that dreams in cromatic, musical textures. he also plays matricial printers and drama.

once a normal child, was driven to evilness.
at first, he added blood to CF4's ambient music, turning dreams into nightmares. tools are many such as knives, electricguitar, and noise.

joined int21 to bring chaos and mayhem.
he takes and sample music for personal pleasure, with no remorse. in his hands, every living noise is tortured to become a piece of upbeated agony.

engineer of synthetics, he wanna dance.
tools of the trade are keyboard notes, signal frequencies, mobile phones, MA2 and MA3 modules.
he creates sequenced patterns of fear...

our brand new member, he scream until it hurts
former member of Apoptgma Berzerk, moved to mexico, where he worked togheter with hocico and ate a dozen burritos


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